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Cardiac disease is no longer disease of the old age, disease can manifest as early as 30 years of age to old age of 80 yrs. The need of the hour is the need of primary prevention. This needs to be implemented as early as childhood, within the family and within the society so that we have healthy society for healthy future. Our goal is to provide holistic approach for cardiology patients from primary to secondary prevention. For primary prevention we provide preventive health check-ups, life style counselling, detection of risk factors for heart disease and their management, diet and nutritional counselling.

For secondary prevention, we provide non-interventional services like management of heart failure, rhythm disturbances of heart, syncope (sudden loss of consciousness), acute cardiac issues like patient presenting with chest pain and breathlessness, acute pain or discomfort in lower limbs, management of valvular heart disease and the list goes on.
Our hospital also provides Interventional services like primary angioplasty with stenting for acute MI ( acute heart attack ) in the golden hour , elective angioplasty for stable heart disease , simple angioplasty to complex multi-vessel angioplasty , angioplasty of calcified vessel with rota ablation and shock wave lithotripsy (IVL ) . We also perform IVUS (Intra Vascular Ultra Sound) guided angioplasty in renal failure patients to reduce the risk of dye( contrast) induced worsening renal failure or reduce the risk of subjecting the patient to dialysis
We also offer non coronary interventions for structural heart disease and peripheral vascular disease involving vessels of lower limb and vessels of the neck (carotid arteries) . We offer interventions for structural heart disease like valvular stenosis of mitral , pulmonary and aortic valves with balloon valvotomy (BMV ,BPV,APV) and coarctoplasty for coarctation of aorta. . Device closures for certain suitable congenital heart disease or congenital CARDIAC defects / holes namely ,ASD ,VSD ,PDA is also done at our centre. We also offer limb salvage or amputation prevention in critical limb ischemia, therapy for non-healing ischemic ulcers in the foot. , limb claudication secondary to blockages of lower extremity vessels by means of angioplasty of lower extremity vessels. We also offer salvage of some of the non-functioning haemodialysis AV fistula there by avoiding repeat fresh surgeries for AV fistula.
We also do offer angioplasty of blocked arteries supplying to the brain, which is carotid angioplasty for primary and secondary prevention of stroke
We also treat aneurysms of aorta involving descending thoracic or abdominal aorta with endografts –TEVAR AND EVAR (endovascular aortic aneurysm repair) Not the least to name ,we also do treat patients with rhythm disturbances whether extreme slowing of heart to abnormally fast heart rates .
We offer device based therapies for some of these elements to name pacemaker implantations single and dual chamber pacemaker implantations , ICD and CRDT therapies for abnormal fast rhythm and for worsening symptomatic heart failure not responding to optimal medical line of therapy. The list goes on.

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We are dedicated to providing exceptional services to our patients. Our experienced team of nurses, and technicians are committed to delivering the latest advancements in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of all disease.