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Nutrition is the study of nutrients in food, the metabolism and absorption of food in the body and the relationship between food, health and diseases. It makes intuitive sense to most of us that food can harm or heal us.

But how? The connection is nutrition. What you need is the right combination of nutrients. we always believe in bio- individuality. Each individual is different phenotypically, genetically and biologically and thus their requirements too. Diet is planned based on once age, gender, body measurements like height, weight, BMI, BMR and certain blood parameters. BMR differs for each individual based on one’s physical activity, age and gender. A healthy meal plays an important role in your overall fitness. Eating right ensures 95% of the battle won by an individual against the health issues. We at VR Revankar hospital provide medical nutrition counselling for various medical conditions, wherein we provide the diet counselling according to one’s disease condition and requirement. We encourage and support preventive life style modification through counselling and help am individual in maintaining ideal body weight, optimal blood pressure and cholesterol levels. The diet plan will help you maintain the ideal body weight and to achieve a healthy lifestyle. We will assist throughout your journey to reach your goals.

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We are dedicated to providing exceptional services to our patients. Our experienced team of nurses, and technicians are committed to delivering the latest advancements in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of all disease.