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About Us

Dedicated to heal the Unseen, because not all wounds are visible.
We’re committed to being confidential, sympathetic and approachable in our communications & treatment.

VR REVANKAR HOSPITAL AND CARDIAC CARE CENTER is a State-of-the-art healthcare 50 bedded facility providing services for all major specialties located at avalahalli old madras road. The facility is well equipped to handle 24/7 emergency service consisting of acute cardiac illness, most of the medical and surgical emergencies including trauma and road traffic accidents. Skilled and excellent ICU team of intensivist and trained ICU staff supports the facility. The facility is also supported by 24/7 dialysis and pharmacy services. We believe in improving the health and wellbeing of the individual, their families and the community through innovations and pursuit of excellence. We believe in treating our patients, their relatives and the community with sensitivity and empathy. In addition, in terms of integrity we promote the quality of being, honest, transparent and having strong moral principles within the organisation.



Following his graduation from one of the most prestigious institutions in Karnataka, Dr. Vinod Revankar pursued and successfully completed his post-graduation in Internal Medicine from his alma mater with top honours.

His hunger for knowledge and commitment to service led him to Narayana Hrudayalaya, where he undertook the challenging task of completing his DNB in interventional cardiology. At Narayana Hrudalaya he worked tirelessly to
achieve the near impossible task of mastering techniques in both Adult and Paediatric Interventional Cardiology.

Armed with his sound theoretical and practical knowledge and with total of 15 years of experience Dr. Vinod has successfully performed over 1000 cases single handedly in the year 2012 alone.

MBBS, MD, (Internal Medicine) DNB (cardiology)

While many cardiologists tend to restrict themselves to a particular area of interest, Dr. Vinod has demonstrated capabilities par excellence in performing all types of cases in the entire realm of interventional cardiology – From Simpler procedures involving blood vessels of the heart such as coronary Angiograms to hundreds of primary  rescue Angi plasties for heart attacks ( MI ), complex cases involving  multi vessel angioplasty  to rota ablation for calcified coronary arteries . He also specializes for permanent Pacemaker implantations and ICD for  slow  and fast rhythm  disturbances of the heart, He is also specialized in structural Heart interventions involving valves of the heart like  PTMC’s, BAV , BPV to device closures of heart holes in the children and adult like  VSD, ASD and

He also exhibits his expertise in non-coronary interventions like peripheral angiography, peripheral angioplasty and stenting – involving simple and complex interventions involving multi vessel, multilevel and CTO intervention involving limb salvaging and treating critical limb ischemia.
To add to the list he also performs interventions / angioplasty of blocked carotid and renal arteries, salvage of non-functioning haemodialysis AV fistulas, the list goes on.
Dr. Vinod has triumphantly carried out these procedures on a regular basis with an enviable success rate. He is also endowed with an exceptional capability in 2D ECHO studies which includes Neonatal and Pediatric ECHO’s. His precision in identifying cardiac anomalies ranging from the smallest septal defect to the most complex anatomy in complicated congenital heart diseases is of the highest quality.
Single handedly, managing a department of cardiology taking it from a stage of infancy to a state of self-sustainability and high repute in a major city of the country.

What makes Dr Vinod Revankar different from others is, he strongly believes in prevention rather than cure, as he believes prevention is possible, affordable and long-term results are rewarding and sustainable.

Dr. Vinod, has proven beyond doubt that his presence in any organization is an asset for its continued wellbeing and he is a doctor who leaves no stone unturned. Dr.Vinod is a highly respected luminary for his ingenious ideas for reforms in health care.

Dr Vinod often wondered what really keeps us going as doctors, it’s surely not the money and definitely not the glamour. It’s God given gift of healing, touching lives is what keeps us from giving up. That’s the biggest perk of being a doctor.
“Cure begins with a smile”

Why Choose Us


Emergency Help

Modern Equipment

Individual Approach

Quality & Safety

Personalized Treatment

Qualified Doctors

Modern Treatment


Dedicated to heal the Unseen, because not all wounds are visible. 

We’re committed to being confidential, sympathetic and approachable in our communications & treatment. 


To ensure accessible and affordable quality healthcare by compassionate medical professionals.

Our Values


we treat our patients, their relatives and the community with sensitivity and empathy


we promote individual and organisational responsibility


We promote our individuals and within the organisation, the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles


We respect the dignity of our patient, their relatives and the community